Michael McCafferty, Summer Projects VII

“This work is part of an on-going exploration into diary keeping, meditations, and translation. Simple parts of day- to- day life; bathroom tiles, schedules, the walk to work, are documented and translated. The translations are simply technical impositions like tracing, collage and re photography. Slowly the materials turn into a composition until finally reduced to a simple painting or print. The final works then have dual meanings. The first is just as a simple, sometimes minimal or abstract composition, and secondly as a record (albeit a convoluted one) of my life.”

Michael’s work is a form of extended diary keeping in which he reinterprets his own past and memories both true and false, idealised and misremembered. His artworks document private, interior and architectural spaces, as well as the family, friends and events that once existed and occurred within them. Working from a foundation in drawing Michael utilises a range of techniques to translate the original images and source material into new versions.

“The process of adaptation is one of intuitive responses bound by a set of self-imposed obstructions and the process can repeat indefinitely until the picture “feels” right. The results combine elements of drawings, paintings, print and are unified by his formalist handling of colour, materials and scale.”

To see a full listing of Michael’s latest work click here.

Summer Projects VIIruns until February 16th.