Mickey Egan / Commute, Day in Day Out

“These paintings are part of a continued theme that explores a notion of travel between my home and work place and back again. Through my windscreen, I absorb the landscape, rolling hills, sky, shadow patterns, weather conditions and roadside vegetation, old & new. Often I will stop observe, photograph or draw what I see and think about. This body of work depicts stumps or relics of Eucalyptus trees. For me they have become metaphors of an Arcadian past, not unlike the archaic ruins in 19th century painting. The series does not recount a notion of a traditional vista, more a fragmented compilation of many parts. The paintings represent an absence or amputation of what was and is now.”

Mickey Egan lives on the Surf Coast with his family. He is a designer presently working in Geelong. He has worked for major brands both in Australia & the USA. His work & lifestlye has led him travel frequently and extensively which has further enabled him to access his interests; cities, art museums, galleries, cultural events, historic sites, surfing locations & the great outdoors.

Commute, Day In Day Out runs 30 March – 22 April with opening celebrations Saturday 1 April 2 -4 pm.


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