More is More, group exhibition

An exhibition of original, hand made collages from:

Lucy James
Holly Leonardson
Tai Snaith
Jade Elford
Emily Besser
Kieran Madden
Dylan Foley
Meredith Earls

More is More explores different approaches to collage, highlighting the artists’ patterns of collecting, arranging and rearranging. More is More speaks to the process of collage; artists are always looking for new source material, digging through op shops and dusty vintage stores, adding to their collections, spending time cutting images by hand, working out compositions, thinking, looking and finally gluing. The process is not linear; and when collecting, more is always more, whereas collage outcomes are often an act in restraint, less is more.

This exhibition highlights how artists approach collage in such unique ways. Some use scissors, some tear and others use a scalpel. Found images from books and magazines are common yet a few of the artists cut up their own painted surfaces to assemble within their works. Composition, layering and texture are key elements for collage artists.

Generally speaking, collages tend to be small format finished artworks. If you think about a standard book or magazine size, you can imagine the typical size of these found images, therefore collages are inherently small and detailed. Collage works are considered, they ask the viewer to look closer and discover the tiny aspects that make the works interesting.

More is More runs until October 6. To see the listing click here.