Natalie Anderson / Yearning

“We spend a lot of time looking down. If we are not looking at our laptops we are most certainly looking at our phones. Our phones provide us with the perfect excuse not to look around, not to engage and not to be present in our immediate environment. We are hyper-connected and yet not really connected to anything much at all. At a really basic level to engage with these paintings you will have to look up!”

“In a world that is divided into the Right and the Left; that is crammed with twitter rants, constant distractions, and a 24 hour news cycle of disaster I think humans are yearning for things to slow down a bit, for people to just be balanced & kind and yearning for things that make sense again. I am anyway.”

“On a more immediate level my family and I have moved to an original 1939 Californian Bungalow in the inner suburbs of Geelong and whilst being so very grateful for a landlord that accepted not only us but also our animal family as well – I am missing the sky. These paintings are my reaction, my antidote – they anchor me back to what does make sense to me. They connect me to the weather and to place. They are the result of those times when I put down my phone and start looking up again.” - Natalie Anderson

Yearning runs July 20 – August 12. To see a full exhibition listing click here.