Peta Armstong / Temper The Dawn

“For Temper The Dawn I explore pieces that are neither object or functional form. I start the making process mostly with drawing and constructing the first generation with stoneware clay using either hand building or throwing techniques, I then add texture and/or alter the pieces. This is the ‘first draft’ and I consider the results. I then adjust smaller details, firing techniques, and materials. Throughout the process of making I am constantly being levered by additional exploration and discovery that often activates further outcomes. My work is influenced by story telling and personal myths.”

Peta Armstrong works from her backyard studio in Torquay and also in the family business of surfboard making. She is a multidisciplinary artist and has recently returned to making ceramics after working in graphic design and screen printing. When not working she can be found in nature or constructing race car tracks with her 7 year old son.

Temper The Dawn runs from 10 November – 3 December, to see a full exhibition listing click here.

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