Philip Cordingley / Disparate Companions


Colour, tone, line and object intersect in Philip Cordingley’s work to entice the viewer into a dream space. Colour becomes a psychic signpost, line leads you away from the plane of limited potential into the forest of possibility, while words interrupt well-trodden paths and objects delight in their confusion. After 35 years as a designer, graphics producer and head of graphics at ABC, Philip is now a full-time artist. Philip creates paintings and works on paper, thematically based on his sense of place, the effects of isolation, contradiction and change.

“Overall, my work makes reference to the ambiguity of language, social history, the graphic purity of symbolism and that of mark making. I often incorporate text, typography and cartographic elements and am interested in the interplay of bold colour and geometric forms, interchangeable positive and negative space in combination with textural and linear contrast.”

PCordingley_Companions_triptych_AcrylicOnCanvas_web PCordingley_Monitor_CharcoalOnFabriano

Exhibition continues until June 06