Ren Inei / Above the Heave Below the Blanket

Ren Inei_painting 2 WEBP1020028Above the Heave Below the Blanket is a new body of paintings by Ren Inei. The work continues his exploration of the skyscape as subject matter. He depicts through oil paint not how the sky looks but rather how it makes him feel and how he intends to make others feel. Each work is an abstraction and painted from memory not from observation nor developed from photographs.

“The focus of my artwork is the sky above the heave of everyday life. A world above the mundane, above the repetition of living and the toll of ageing. Above the heave exists, a dreamlike place …. one of constant change and movement but also of certainty and endurance. Below the blanket is where the viewer looks up but is never able to see in full but rather just hold onto one moment of sky at a time.”
Ren Inei is a painter, he is also one half of the team behind Boom Gallery, curating and hanging the exhibitions and liaising with the many artists who show at Boom.
Ren completed studies at Deakin University in the early 1990’s and has sustained a consistent art practice since, participating in many exhibitions (both group and solo).
His work is rich with texture and tonal depth, achieved through techniques of layering and exploration of differing materials.


Above the Heave / 10 Sept – 3 Oct / opening Friday 11 Sept

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