Ren Inei / Circle Geelong

“This new body of works references the landscape that circles Geelong. I have been living near Maude in the foothills of the Brisbane Ranges for the last 12 years. This incredible part of our region has and does influence my arts practice on a daily basis. The ground and sky that I pass through each day on my journeys into Geelong are etched into my mind and body. My paintings are suggestions of the power and presence that I feel emanates from our region.”

“The paintings for Circle Geelong have been made from two separate panels joined together to suggest a horizon line. In this way I have been able to work up each panel independently of each other. I feel so liberated by the possibilities that this format affords me as an artist. No longer do I have to be constrained by trying to make representations of the landscape knowing that the joining of the panels will achieve this for me. This construction process allows me to pursue a purer form of abstraction on independent panels and yet still fulfil my desire to reference our incredibly moving landscape.”

Ren Inei is a painter, he is also one half of the team behind Boom Gallery, curating and hanging the exhibitions and liaising with the many artists who show at Boom. Ren completed studies at Deakin University in the early 1990’s and has sustained a consistent art practice since, participating in many exhibitions (both group and solo). His work is rich with texture and tonal depth, achieved through techniques of layering and exploration of differing materials.

Circle Geelong runs from November 10 – December 3. To see a full exhibition listing click here.

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