Ren Inei, You Yangs

“Growing up in Geelong you get used to having the You Yangs in your life. They are a constant presence and I feel they watch peacefully and patiently over the surrounding flat plains, Corio Bay and the Barwon River. The You Yangs seems to interact and ‘speak’ with the hills of Anakie, the Barrabool Hills and other surrounding ancient natural landmarks. My paintings aim to convey my respect for the solidity, history and age of the You Yangs and their place as a foundation and key marker of our region.”

Ren Inei is a painter, he is also one half of the team behind Boom Gallery, curating and hanging the exhibitions and liaising with the many artists who show at Boom. Ren completed studies at Deakin University in the early 1990’s and has sustained a consistent art practice since, participating in many exhibitions (both group and solo). His work is rich with texture and tonal depth, achieved through techniques of layering and exploration of differing materials.

To see a listing of latest Ren’s latest work for You Yangs click here.

You Yangs runs from March 28th – April 28th.