Rohan Robinson, Desire For a Sedentary Personality

“So somebody asks… “What do you do?”

I’m at a point of the more I do it, the less I really know, the landscape is a vehicle for language, not STYLE, but a developed deep seated personal language, that takes many years to reach. My work is not necessarily site specific, but more a conglomerate of parts that would become a regional identifier, subtle. Something between the Western European model and the Western Desert Mob…..of multiple viewpoints, horizon lines, map making, flying between, searching for visual dynamism, of seemingly obscure titles, not of how things look as much as how they feel, a juggling alchemist, where it’s essentially all about paint.”

Rohan Robinson studied Fine Art at Deakin University in 1980. In the following 30+ years he has maintained a dedicated and prolific arts practice. Robinson has travelled extensively, worked as a musician, builder, designer and in many other fields. Within the arts industry he has worked in remote Indigenous communities and more recently completed an Artist in Residence at the Geelong College. Rohan Robinson has regularly exhibited his work participating in numerous solo and group shows, both internationally and within Australia.

His lyrical paintings are inspired by the natural environment, from the Victorian coastline all the way to the Western Desert.

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