Sandra Eterovic / Cheap Pop

P1020227 P1020231Sandra Eterovic enjoys exploring traditional gender roles, the public/private self, cultural signifiers and the way we make meaning. Her style is influenced by Pop and naive art forms, and traditional illustration. She aims to deliver uncomfortable messages through work that is accessible and likeable.

Cheap Pop is divided into two parts. Three of the five acrylic on wood paintings show scenes that Sandra has viewed while walking past windows in her neighbourhood. Tension between guests in black in a stark white room; a frail elderly couple surrounded by books, obsessively reading; and a woman getting changed behind a curtain that is not quite drawn. The other two paintings show billboards in Sandra’s suburb in which images of masculinity are used to advertise a product. These series are ongoing interests.

The second part of Cheap Pop is a continuation of Sandra’s series of figural sculptures — flat pieces of plywood, painted using acrylic, cut to shape and made to stand. These are lighthearted explorations of gender roles, popular culture and anthropomorphism. A hairy grinning lifesaver has moveable parts, a green olive plays Kim Kardashian, upside down footballers have legs akimbo and there are plenty of other strange creatures in between.

Sandra Eterovic studied art history at university and worked for over fifteen years as a graphic and textile designer in the fashion industry. She currently works as a freelance illustrator and makes a range of items under her own name. These include illustrated cushions, greetings cards, prints, hand painted mirrors, wooden figures and other original artwork. She also exhibits her work regularly throughout Victoria.


Cheap Pop / 5 – 28 Nov /opening fri 6 Nov 5:30 -8pm

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