Sarah Rowe, Cadence

Cadence is a visual exploration into rhythm through assembled paintings. Employing music as a way to draw out my own highs and lows, these works are an expression of tempo, flux and my changing outlook and temperament.

“As an artist and textile designer, my paintings usually have their roots in textiles of all variations and my textile designs are usually inspired by my paintings. My two great passions do a good job of feeding and building each other. I’m a creator whose first and last thought is of colour, I’m driven to create because of this lifelong passion. I believe there is no bad colour only a bad combinations. Any single colour will sing when it sits beside its complimentary. Colour changes and flips and has its own life. As an artist, I’m determined to use it and master it in order to make compositions that are uniquely representative of me as well as rich and joyful for the viewer. One could spend a whole lifetime improving this skill, which is what I hope to do.”

“Textiles play an important role in my inspiration and often their way into my paintings. These works are reminiscent of quilts. There are areas of focus and areas of blur, texture is formed in a brail-like way suggesting music in an abstract visual form.”

Sarah Rowe lives and works in Eltham, Victoria. “My preferred medium is oil paint. I studied Visual Art in Adelaide (UniSA) and Textile Design at RMIT. I have one dog, two cats and three chickens who do I good job of keeping me company while I work. I also have three beautiful boys at Primary school, each showing good signs of a creative spirit of their own.”

Cadence runs until March 24. To see a full listing click here.