Seb Brown / Plans for Sculptures

Seb Brown‘s latest body of work, Plans for Sculptures presents a series of drawings of unrealised and unrealisable structures, ambiguous in scale, proportion and material. Often unsettling, the plans are support material for a larger scale project equalising the importance of the process and the final outcome. Motifs, forms and textures from Brown’s previous work as a jeweller and sculptor are repeated here on paper.

Referencing Mediterranean talismans and influenced by 20th century sculptors such as Louis Bourgeois, Jeanne Claude, Christo and Alexander Calder, Brown juxtaposes hard and soft, light and heavy.

Seb Brown is a Melbourne based artist and jeweller whose art practice involves photography, illustration, sculpture and collage.

seb-brown-2016_0004_web seb-brown-2016_0003_web seb-brown-2016_0005_web seb-brown-2016_0001_web seb-brown-2016_0002_webexhibition runs until November 5. To see full listing click here.

Install images by Cricket Studio.