Seth Searle, It Will Always Be Like This

Artists Lucy Roleff and Seth Searle consider notions of time and narrative in their joint exhibition, It Will Always Be Like This. An abundance of mussels on a table, ripe peaches in a glass dish, everyday domestic arrangements, a hand mid reach – such depictions of the ordinary and the opulent are regarded in equal measure. Through still life, interior scenes and portraiture, these paintings explore the passing of time and the desire, or compulsion, to hold tightly to it.

Seth Searle says “My practice revolves around representations of femininity that interact with care, hospitality and consumable goods. I am interested in the ways in which food and service can act as nourishment, and how these are gendered in western culture. Painting in oils on canvas I work with portraits, still life and interior scenes, which aim to capture the performance of femininity and question the societal value placed upon it.”

To see the full listing click here. It Will Always Be Like This runs until July 14.