Shane Drinkwater / Surfaces & Beyond

4 hills

Painting is something I’ve always needed to do and I’m enjoying it more and more: it’s the joy of putting colour, shape and gesture on a surface.
I find it difficult to put into words why I paint or what I paint about. Ideas and images appear through the making of the work and I don’t feel the need to analyse them: language becomes unecessary, I let the work speak for me.
The works in this exhibition are selected from two series: -the “Skins” series, about surfaces
-the other works relating to the interpretation of landscape.
In the Skins series I am playing with an overlaying grid structure, giving an illusion of depth, of a space receding from the viewer. The lines create an undulating surface. There is a feeling that nothing is solid, a sense of constant vibration inducing a gentle meditative movement. I relate this to the emotional fragility and vulnerability often hidden deep within us. Look beyond, reach underneath the skin to find out what is…
I delve into the act of painting landscapes with a minimum repertoire of visual elements aiming for a maximum visual intensity. The images are spontaneous, easy to view but full of visual and emotive information, letting the viewer respond with his/her own perceptions.

Ground Skin sm