Stacey McCall, Back Home

Back Home continues Stacey McCall’s relationship with the importance of home; the objects we are familiar with are the ones which create the environment where we are most at ease, where families live and grow. Her work draws on crockery and furnishings from her 1970’s childhood; they form a beautiful point of interest and remind us of a simpler time.

“I suppose I would describe my still life work as ‘quiet’. It reaches back to memories faded with time, objects distorted. These pieces archive time, my childhood but also the years I spent at home with my young family. They sit silently around my home, life whirling around them, time passing, children growing older. I paint in oils but my watercolour sketches are my initial reference and I try to continue the softness of this medium in my final work.”

After completing a Fine Art Degree in Gold and Silversmithing, Stacey spent 12 years designing bespoke jewellery, eventually opening a small store and workshop in Melbourne’s inner city suburb of Kensington. But after the birth of daughter number three, her art practice was homeward bound and after daughter number five, her creativity was nurtured by knitting, drawing, writing and painting. This is Stacey’s first solo exhibition at Boom, her still life paintings are calming and nostalgic, objects and colours reflect memories – there is a genuine warmth to her work.

To see the full listing click here. Back Home runs until August 11