Stacey McCall, Still

“Somewhere between painted and drawn, objects emerge. Marks made more confidently, shapes and light observed more keenly. Quiet, calm….sometimes the less said the better.”

Still is Stacey McCall’s latest body of work, continuing once again with the subject of home, but perhaps with a more confident and deliberate mark. Detailed underpainting glows through her gestural brushstrokes, transparent layers of colour, her muted palette reflecting Stacey’s love of things earthen and handmade.

“I hesitate to use the word nostalgic when describing my subject matter. To me that infers a yearning or sadness for something past. Of course I miss the days of little hands in mine but as my daughters grow up and head out into the world, I am drawn back even more to those things that are familiar and constant. Those belongings of family and home, the quiet reminders that while life moves forward some things remain still.”

After completing a Fine Art degree in Gold and Silversmithing at RMIT, Stacey spent the next twelve years designing and making bespoke jewellery, eventually opening a small store and workshop in Melbourne’s inner city suburb of Kensington. Following the birth of daughter number three, Stacey’s practice was homeward bound and after daughter number five, her creativity was nurtured by knitting, drawing, writing and painting.

Now that her daughters are in the teens and beyond, Stacey’s garden studio provides the perfect space to grow her art practice.

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Stillruns until March 15th.