Sue Grossman / Stages of Enlightenment

Sue Grossman is a printmaker specializing in the complex process of reduction Linocut. Known for her brightly coloured and detailed, patterned prints, Sue finds the process of carving the Lino cathartic.

“I often just get lost in my own little world of carving spontaneous patterns. Although painstaking at times, I love the layering process and the element of surprise when the final layer is pulled”.

Using her own photographic images, Sue’s inspiration is derived from her love for patterns in nature and the usual or unusual consequence of symmetry.

Sue completed a Visual Arts Diploma, majoring in Painting & Printmaking at Brougham School of Art /Brace Education in 2011. She has since exhibited in several group exhibitions around Geelong and the Bellarine Peninsula. She was a finalist in the 2016 Bellarine Print prize and a current finalist in the 2017 Geelong Acquisitive Print awards at the Geelong Gallery.

Sue was born in Melbourne and works from her home studio in Torquay.

“Stages of Enlightenment” explores the journey of the lotus flower in stand-alone and mirror image symmetrical prints which, when assembled together, create a myriad of intricate and abstract patterns, connecting the iconic flower in a circle of life”.

“Since sighting Lotus flowers in abundance on a trip to Vietnam, I have been exploring their symbolism and correlation to our own Life’s journey”. The Lotus flower rises up from the depths of a muddy river to thrive and bloom into a beautiful flower, just as we face challenges and adversity in our lives to ultimately rise above the contest. According to Buddhists beliefs, the Lotus flower’s journey is a symbol of rebirth, growth and purification of spirit, being referred to as “The Stages of Enlightenment”.

“To me, the Lotus flower is a symbol of strength and hope, which mirrors our own life journey. I sought to translate this concept into a series of prints. The varying colours of the Lotus flower also have symbolic meanings and most of my prints are titled accordingly”.

Stages of Enlightenment runs 14 September – 7 October.

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