Summer Snapshot with Ingrid Daniell

1. What’s your favourite thing to do on a sunny summer day?
If I’m on an uncrowded beach with a great book; my pocket sketch book and pen; and the cool ocean to dip in that’s probably my favourite thing to do … or if the beach is busy with people and the house busy with teenagers my cool quiet studio is a a divine sanctuary.

2. Does your art practice/routine vary over this time of year?
Summer frees up my routine to include more time set up outside; a flexible studio space.

3. Who or what is your current inspiration for you?
I had such an inspiring experience last year traveling through central and Western Australia that I am still processing and drawing inspiration from the raw and remote desert camps we spent time at.
The isolation, the intricate life, the depth of time.

4. Anything exciting on the horizon for 2019?
Such an exciting 2019! I have the You Yangs group show comping up at Boom Gallery, then my solo in August at Boom. I also have another solo show in Sydney which is very exciting; along with works heading over to a New York Gallery in a few weeks.

5. What’s your favourite refreshing treat on a hot summers day?
I love a ginger kombucha with lots of ice or the delicious rose infused mineral water by Osun sparkling mineral water with ice and a few sprigs of mint

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