Summer Snapshot with Tiel Seivl-Keevers

1. What’s your favourite thing to do on a sunny summer day?

Hide from the sun. Find the coolest, shadiest spot and read….except I usually fall asleep. I actually dislike how summer is so relentless here in Brisbane and miss seeing the seasons change.


2. Does your art practice/routine vary over this time of year?

Yes, I like to spend this time with my family so I tend not to paint from my studio. However it isn’t long before I am needing to something creative with my hands. So I sew, use my journal and camera quite a bit as I like to investigate my natural surrounds. This summer I have been investigating the shorelines of Northern NSW.


3. Who or what is your current inspiration for you?

Jellyfish; beach flora and fauna; shapes within the landscape and when indoors, simple everyday still life.


4. Anything exciting on the horizon for 2019?

I’m about to do a workshop with Jo Bertini, I’m participating in regular printmaking classes, and I have a show coming up in Brisbane with some lovely local ceramicists.


5. What’s your favourite refreshing treat on a hot summers day?

Freshly squeezed juice or to sip a G & T as the sun is setting.


We asked Tiel for a recent photo that sums up her Summer:

I take so many photos, especially of nature. My most recent favourite was from last week when I managed to capture this amazing sunset over Northern NSW looking towards Mullumbimby.