Summer Snapshot with Yvonne Paton

1.What’s your favourite thing to do on a sunny summer day?

Definitely to be out in nature for some part of the day – pottering in my garden, in the country or on the beach – the world sparkles on such days.

2. Does your art practice/routine vary over this time of year?

Only once the heat becomes oppressive, my being is dulled and my studio becomes an oven…Then it is time to retreat and enjoy some activities that don’t require a fresh mind.

3. Who or what is your current inspiration for you?

Perhaps an unexpected response – but my head is currently full of a long weekend horse clinic that I shared with my daughter. The insights and close observation of the horse, rider and their behaviours was
extraordinary. It has left me reflecting on the varying intensity and character of observation and how fascinating and inspiring a new perspective grounded in truth can be. I was thinking about this within my own practice and ways of seeing.

4. Anything exciting on the horizon for 2019?
I am excited about some changes in 2019 to allow some new flow and opportunities. Part of this plan is to create a larger studio space for classes or group work….

5. What’s your favourite refreshing treat on a hot summers day?

Anything chilled with a tang of lemon or mango…..a swim, a prosecco… many possible answers to that question.