Tantri Mustika / Melbourne Ceramics Market at Boom

Tantri Mustika is a Brunswick based ceramicist who makes a range of light-hearted and colourful hand built ceramics. Her current collection of work incorporates a modern spin on traditional terrazzo tiling, applying it to bespoke functional forms making terrazzo adaptable to everyday life.

Tantri is currently creating works in small batches. Each piece takes many hours to craft, applying love and care at each stage of the detailed making process to make sure the end result is of the utmost quality. Every piece finishes with no pair identical and is unique in patterning and colour due to the techniques and processes used.

All works are hand built from slabs and include a combination of different stoneware clay bodies, stains and oxides. The making process starts with designing different colour combinations and textural finishes that compliment one another to create a unique terrazzo inspired design.

The main intention is to create something that has equal value aesthetically and functionally. Each piece goes through many different stages and processes before completion – all precisely timed over the course of many weeks.

The Melbourne Ceramics Market exhibition continues at Boom until December 24th. Pieces are not listed individually on our website, however, if you are unable to make it into the gallery, phone enquiries are welcomed.