The Seven Seas, Get A Grip

The Seven Seas is a Melbourne based multidisciplinary artist working in illustration and sculpture. He works across many styles from figurative to abstract work, always with a focus on bold colours and large forms. The Seven Seas explores woodworking, casting and illustration techniques to represent his recurring cast of characters and forms reflecting memories, thoughts and travels.

In this new exhibition he explores his past works through memories and photographs and applies them in new ways using sculpture and painting – combining abstract forms with figurative illustrations. Work is created out of carved wood, acrylic paint, enamel paint, oil markers and poly urethane castings.

Within the work there are finely detailed illustrations taken from photos, paired with bold abstract shapes and stylised characters. Together these elements create a storyboard – autobiographical reflections and distant memories made up of bold shapes and colours.

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Get A Gripruns until April 12th at Big Boom.