Upcoming Art classes and workshops


Street Art, Paint your own Selfie, Printmaking, Papier Mache, Crazy Cacti and more!

PAINT A SELF PORTRAIT with Chelsea Gustafsson

self-port-circleWith no experience necessary, this 5 hour workshop introduces students to the process required to create a realistic self portrait in acrylics.

LIFE DRAWING with Janne Kearney

Life Drawing offers a fun, friendly environment that encourages creativity. Improve and hone your skills over 8 weeks through structured tutoring and fun drawing drills, designed for beginners and experienced drawers.

COLOUR MIXING MASTERCLASS with Janne KearneyPaint-mixing

This 5 hour masterclass is designed to cater for beginners through to experienced painters. Using a selection of key oil paint colours, artist and arts educator Janne Kearney will take participants through an easy step by step path to successfully mixing a myriad of desired colours.

NAUTICAL KNOTS & ROPEWORK with Barry Smithbarry-smith-circle

Learn the sailor’s secrets with Barry Smith – a member of the International Guild of Knot-tyers. This 5 hour workshop offers a display of artistic and creative knot-work with the secrets of marlinespike seamanship that will encourage you to give it a go.