Upcoming Exhibitions - Vanessa Oter / Emily Besser / GREEN

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We are super excited for these three amazing exhibitions!


Emily Besser / World of Things

Emily Besser copy

This exhibition is a collection of paintings and drawings driven by gesture, colour and feeling. In her practice, Emily aims to push the flatness of paint and paper into objecthood, by playing with the depth and sight-lines we expect from traditional landscape painting. Stopping short of literal fixtures, embellished by titles suggesting objects and ideas from areas of study like History, Anthropology and Religion, the works are an exploration of mark-making, made in solitude, over long periods of time.


Vanessa Oter / Animal Kingdom

Vanessa Oter_Spud Town-2
“As an informal lyrical abstractionist, my work presents a symphony of the world that envelopes me. The current vista is the Thorpdale Landscape, Gippsland, Victoria. My body of work for Animal Kingdom represents an ongoing conversation I have with my daily life here in country Victoria. My mark making, which constructs each image is a layering, reflective of the accidental beauty ‘found’ within the patina of the landscape.”


Group Exhibition / Green

GREEN_Jen Tyers_Thailand13

(image by Jen Tyers)
We are excited to present this curated group exhibition which will feature more than twenty artists’ work, all based on the theme of plants, nature and gardens. Green will showcase beautiful original artwork from the USA, UK and Australia, in all mediums ranging from paintings to tapestries and an installation of live plants in the gallery space. Green will be a fun injection of fresh and vibrant lushness at the commencement of winter.

These exhibitions will be available to preview on our website (under Current Exhibitions) on Monday 6th June – email enquiries to purchase are welcome!