Vanessa Oter / Animal Kingdom

“As an informal lyrical abstractionist, my work presents a symphony of the world that envelopes me. The current vista is theThorpdale Landscape, Gippsland, Victoria. My body of work for Animal Kingdom represents an ongoing conversation I have with my daily life here in country Victoria. My mark making, which constructs each image is a layering, reflective of the accidental beauty ‘found’ within the patina of the landscape.”

“Filtering through the layers are stencilled marks, drawing, scribbles that are subconsciously reminiscent of graffitied walls influenced predominantly of my life living in urban environments: NYC, Boston, Berlin and Toronto and of course, Melbourne, prior to my switch to experience ‘country life’. Each painting in this exhibition tells a story of my experiences here and I use painting as a platform to express it. I also use the work to consistently develop my repertoire of mark making and refine my knowledge of the traditional and technical elements of painting such as composition, surface lecture, colour and line. My painting has always referenced my personal, historical and autobiographical relevance and is an incredibly personal inquiry into my own search for truth and story telling.”
Vanessa Oter is a well established and respected artist and we are thrilled to present her solo exhibition Animal Kingdom. Vanessa’s abstract paintings are beautifully textured, expressive and colourful, this exhibition will celebrate the artists’ love for country Victoria and its picturesque landscapes.

Animal Kingdom will run from 9 June – 9 July. To see a full listing of Vanessa’s solo show click here.