Wattleitbe, Young Lovers (Are) Turned To Trees

“This body of work comprising a collection of 13 paintings is the imagined continuation of another painting called, Young Lovers.I began to see the original work as the setting for a story and painted toward the understanding that powerful bonds between people transmute into and heighten the everyday. For me, it’s also ironic because I’m single! So I tapped into my deep love of trees to drive the narrative and celebrate passion.”

Illustrator, Cartoonist & Author, Eliza Feely has been working under the name Wattleitbe since 2015, storytelling on sustainably sourced plywood in wild colours, reminiscent of pages of a book. Her trademark thumbprint is and the wood itself is integral to the work. Wattleitbe is infused with a love of comics, records, radio, humour, folk tales and speaks vibrantly about the wilderness and characters which surround her home in The Otways, Victoria.

Young Lovers (Are) Turned To Trees runs until December 23rd, to see the full listing click here.

install images by Carli Wilson Photography.