We chat with Jeweller Emily Thomas

Emily uses her work to explore line and gesture. A mark alone, or repeated rhythmically, creating movement and texture. This frequently results in quite organic pieces with naive strokes forming a hypnotic momentum, flow and lines forming pattern and motion. Milly forms many of her tools and experiments with the unique textures created by different instruments. Milly makes pieces in gold and silver and includes precious gemstones within her work.

What have you been up to in your iso time?

I’ve been using this time to play & experiment with new techniques. Focusing on personal projects that often get side lined. I’ve also been doing loads of doodles in coloured pencils too! Which is a really unusual medium for me. I came across some oil based pencils and have been loving the vivid colours!

Has anything inspired or influenced your art practice lately?

My practice is focused on the line and repetition creating patterns. The movement and rhythms that evolve from simple repetition. I am constantly fascinated and drawn to this across and range of media and these influence my practice as I come across them. It is often paintings and ceramics. The inherent textures in these disciplines create their own rhythms – repeated brush strokes, the marks of hands shaping wheel thrown or hand built clay.

Let us know your fave at the moment:

I’ve been ready the SAGALAND by Richard Fidler it’s a compendium of Iceland’s Viking Sagas and sooooo interesting!

Shameful but been hitting up a bit of Cat Stevens!!!! Ahahahhaha


We love Geelong local Emily Thomas’ beautiful handmade gold and silver jewellery. Click here to check it out online.