We chat with Tiel Seivl-Keevers

What have you been up to in your iso time?

Nothing majorly has changed except for my husband and two teens who are now in ‘my’ space 24/7. So for the first few weeks there was a sense of frustration in the house and I found that my creative flow and focus were disrupted. The unknown factor about what will be and the speed of how rapidly this situation has altered everyone’s lives on so many levels is quite consuming in my headspace. I have had a group show in Sydney postponed, but I have realised that I’m happiest working/painting regardless of the outcome so I am OK with this. I miss my face to face interactions with other artists, and I miss going to a enameling course that I started in February. I’m loving the slowness and in recent weeks spending more time with my two children who don’t usually love hanging out with mum.

Has anything inspired or influenced your art practice lately?

I had 2 big trips away in 2019. One to Central Australia and the second to Europe, complete polar opposites re seasons and nature. I felt that I am only now responding to both of these. I have been drawing my garden a lot more and playing more with a mix of materials such as ceramics, sculpting paper, cutting wood as well as the usual painting.

Let us know your fave at the moment:

I’m more of a listener when it comes to fiction so I can continue to work in my studio at the same time. My most recent book was Julia Baird’s Phosphorescence. On awe, wonder and things that sustain you when the world goes dark. It’s one of those books you could read and take new meaning and ideas from throughout your life, so I’ll buy myself a hardcopy.

I recently purchased Aesthetics and the Environment by Canadian Philospher Allen Carlson and have been picking at various chapters from time to time.

My latest TV binge is Killing Eve, but I rarely watch TV with purpose…it is just on in the background.


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