Yvonne Paton, Summer Projects VI

Geelong based artist Yvonne Paton, uses the environment around her for inspiration throughout her work. Yvonne studied Fine Art at RMIT and spent 7 years studying botanical art at the Geelong Botanical Gardens. Her recent body of work draws inspiration from the Australian bush.

“My work expresses the ideas and experiences which accompany my explorations of the natural world. Solitary rambles offer the opportunity for quiet observation and the chance to respond to feeling, senses, light, movement, place and existence. The combination of oils and charcoal in my work provides both a gritty, textural surface and a distilled, glaze of subtle, glowing colour, grazed or interrupted by a line or smudge of charcoal that suggests form.”

Summer Projects VI continues until February 24.

Full details for Yvonne’s artworks in the exhibition can be seen here.