Swanston Street (South Geelong)

By Glen Smith

mixed media
42x42cm framed

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"In my artistic exploration of the urban environment, my works delve into the intricacies of the daily commute, capturing silhouettes and waypoints that form the fabric of our routine journeys. These visual markers gleaned from the everyday hustle, collectively compose an environmental portrait, revealing the distinctive identity of place. Through this street level observation, I unveil the nuances of urban life, transforming mundane moments into a visual collage that reflects the essence of our day-to-day. By documenting this transient beauty within the ordinary, my artworks invite viewers to reconsider the overlooked and find profound narratives within their familiar landscapes of their daily existence."

Glen Smith is a Geelong-based visual artist and Arts educator. His practice investigates urban environments and symbology, street culture and he often throws in some social commentary for good measure. Working in a range of artforms from printmaking through to public murals, Smith’s aesthetics include often grungy landscapes, graphic silhouettes and the vernacular of everyday build environment.