• Marmoreal Vessel 1
  • Marmoreal Vessel 1
  • Marmoreal Vessel 1
  • Marmoreal Vessel 1
  • Marmoreal Vessel 1

Marmoreal Vessel 1

By Tantri Mustika

stoneware, stain and glaze                                      

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Tantri Mustika is a Melbourne-based ceramic artist renowned for crafting a diverse yet distinctive array of highly detailed ceramics.

Tantri’s ceramic works are often inspired by the natural world, reflected by her use of intricate textures. With her colorful yet earthy toned palette mirrors the allure of natural stone with various applications of meticulously hand-stained and marbled clays.

Her artistic philosophy revolves around embracing the beauty found in imperfection, recognizing that it is often within the subtle quirks and irregularities, that true character and uniqueness emerge. Each piece bears the unique marks of the artist's hand, celebrating the inherent imperfections that make each piece one-of-a-kind.


Presently, Tantri has redirected her artistic approach to focus on crafting works in small, artisanal batches, ensuring that each piece can be carefully crafted with a singular identity. Characterized by unique patterning and coloration these works result from Tantri’s unique combination of techniques and processes.