• Pebble Ring (teal)

Pebble Ring (teal)

By Sarah Dingwall


Sarah flame works all of her pieces from borosilicate Pyrex, a 'hard' type of glass, known for it's use in scientific lab ware and domestic ovenware. 

The qualities of borosilicate glass allow for objects and jewels that are high in clarity and resilient to shock. Each handmade piece is kiln annealed ensuring durability and wear for years to come. 

Approx size: N

Please note that sizing and colour may vary slightly due to each piece being individually handcrafted.

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Sarah Dingwall is an artist living on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, Australia. With a Degree in Fine Arts (Glass), she spends her days hand-making small works in glass through a process known as flameworking. Her pieces bring together a love of place and process, as she explores the generous landscape she finds herself in, and the unique challenges and opportunities offered by glass. Sarah is drawn to living simply, choosing handmade and homegrown wherever possible. She creates with the intention to bring wonder into the everyday, and to invite others into moments of curiosity and play.