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A Patina Of Time

By Hop Dac

oil on linen board
42x52cm framed


Hop Dac is a Vietnamese-Australian painter and writer. He studied Fine Art at Curtin University in Perth and moved to Melbourne in 2002 where he eventually studied Professional Writing and Editing at RMIT. He has work published in Overland, Peril Magazine, the Saturday Paper, Kill Your Darlings and various anthologies. Hop works and lives on Wadawurrung country with his partner and their two daughters.

"This exhibition was conceived when the pandemic still loomed large, when we were still raw from the strain of lockdowns. My two works are meditations on that time, when hectic days merged into long, listless nights, when in order to hold onto what was normal, we baked, pickled, learned about birds and edible weeds, which we would try to identify when we could get out. We’ve kept that knowledge and now many of us prioritise our wellbeing and quality of life. And what was normal changed shape."