A Stretch

By Dawn Vachon

glazed ceramic                                   

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"As a starting place for this brief I took a vase form that I have been working with (with it’s bulbous cloud-like top, and glaze oozing downward to the earth), which speaks to the common human experience of being pulled toward the ephemeral and simultaneously wanting stability - and attempt to translate it into wall hung plates.

And so one was formed with a stretch and the other with a squash.

Plates, here, I have defined as flat-ish vessels capable of presenting at least some dry foods. It’s not their rich history I chose to work with or push against , but rather their constraints as a form."


Dawn Vachon studied visual arts at Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Vancouver, receiving her BFA in 2008. Since relocating to Melbourne, she has made a lot of ceramic pots and has exhibited a handful of ceramic things that aren't pots.

Notably she was included with a group of outsiders showing as part of The Australian Ceramics Association's 'OVERUNDERSIDEWAYSDOWN' exhibition and their following exhibition 'Manifest'. Further, her piece 'Beard and Tie' was acquired by the Gold Coast City Gallery as part of their 2016 International Ceramic Art Award.

Dawn can often be found throwing, handbuilding and concocting glazes at her home-studio in Coburg.