Blue Sleeve Of The Long Afternoon

By Carla McRae

acrylic on wood
30x30cm unframed

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"The title, 'Blue Sleeve Of The Long Afternoon', is drawn from a line in the Mary Oliver poem 'Last Days', which speaks to a feeling of being unstuck, of second chances and the brightness of new beginnings. This painting is a portrait of a friend standing in the blue of an afternoon in the autumn of 2020. In a sliver between the times spent respectively isolated, I witness them deep in the quiet of introspection - where a moment of generous everydayness, a breeze and warm sunlight on one's back, for a time turns heavy things light."

Carla McRae works as both an artist and illustrator across multiple mediums, such as drawing, digital illustration, sculpture, installation, murals and publications. With a blend of both detail and minimalism she creates bright, colourful work with bold forms and fine lines. McRae is influenced by cartoons, popular culture and everyday observation. Thematically her work often explores the realm of emotions, evoking hope, happiness and optimism through dynamic and playful visual narratives.