Boro Dinner Bowl in Classic

By Asobimasu

A timeless tableware setting. Complimenting in curve and surface. White in colour, and glazed inside and out.

Hand crafted in Melbourne, each piece is made with care, time and thought. A collection worthy of friendly dinner parties and summer gatherings.

Approx 17cm across x 7.5cm high.

*Please note as each Asobimasu vessel is made by hand, please allow for a small variance in size from the listed dimensions. The beauty of the firing and glazing process means each piece will have a unique surface finish and colour. Note this may vary slightly from image shown.

Kate Brouwer is the hands and heart behind Asobimasu Clay. An ever-growing collection of playful vessels, tableware and sculptural ceramics, with functionality at the forefront. Drawing inspiration from Asobimasu, a Japanese word meaning to play, “to create without boundaries”, Kate enjoys creating pieces that bend the boundaries of traditional forms and explore their relationship to the world around us.