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By Rachel Wood

Rachel Wood’s debut series of works is an abstract exploration on the exchange of openness for air and the relationship between retraction and restriction. During her explorations, Rachel has reflected on experiences and encounters that have demanded both breath, energy and obtaining space, the request for deep-rest, retraction and the need for rejuvenation.

Rachel approaches her practise firstly, by exploring movement. She then moves her focus towards texture, line, shape and the use of negative space in response to her examinations. Rachel uses materials she finds around the home, in local op-shops or those that inform her connection to simplicity.

Rachel Wood is a textile artist and educator based in Melbourne. She currently works for a not-for-profit organisation as a trainer and mentor in clothing and textiles, while she has dedicated the last 6 years to bringing the art of weaving in the form of workshops to many locations over Australia and NZ. When she’s not working, you can find her in her chosen deep-rest and recovery position - behind the loom.

cotton & wool 46x36cm unframed