Chamfered Shell Edges

By Morgana Celeste

paper, acrylic & plaster on plywood
22x23cm framed

"Made in a true flow state, the pieces for this group show are a selection from a wider body of work. Multiple pieces were made in a single session, one after the other, sometimes in complete silence and deep concentration.

As my focus and attention span seems to be constantly wavering these days, achieving a state of flow in my art practice feels even more important and special. In a bid to be more mindful I've started replacing screen time reading books and magazines on interiors and gardening. Some of these works are inspired by sumptuous environments or objects I've come across traversing the pages of many interiors magazines. Others are moments in my every day that are worthy of further contemplation. A reminder to myself to look up and outwards.

For me a flow state is full of peaks and troughs. Consideration, deliberation, action, anguish, elation and finally a piece is finished."