By Dylan Foley

"I am a mix of a bower bird, procrastinator and perfectionist; the creative process for me is simultaneously painstaking and therapeutic. I work very intuitively, each collage I make takes shape serendipitously from what I can find in vintage magazines and books I have collected over time - there is something very important to me about the print quality, 1940s, 50s, 60s is the best. I begin cutting with a surgical scalpel and amass a pile of images which I arrange and rearrange to form interesting compositions. Collage is often strange and wonderful, I enjoy re-interpreting representations of femininity and glamour from the past.

My work for More is More continues my fascination with images of hands, plants and optimistic grins. I obscure elements, emphasise others and tend to have lots of fine layers.

In addition to collage source material I collect beautiful objects that draw me in; leaves, feathers, stones that have been weathered by time, textured papers, shiny things and other artist’s work."

Dylan Foley is an artist and curator. Her artistic practice currently focuses on re-purposing (and re-imagining) found imagery through the medium of collage. Dylan’s collages evoke a sense of humour and wonder, transforming lost and forgotten relics into something new.

collage 27x27cm framed