• Dawn, Shadows, like burnt trees; we were lucky… this Summer in Anthropocene
  • Dawn, Shadows, like burnt trees; we were lucky… this Summer in Anthropocene

Dawn, Shadows, like burnt trees; we were lucky… this Summer in Anthropocene

By Ingrid Daniell

This summer my heart broke as the overwhelming devastation from the fires that raged for months from QLD down the east coast to Victoria. These extreme conditions sadly; no surprise as our country cries out in pain and the crisis of Anthropocene takes hold.

I felt an uncomfortable mixture of grief, guilt and gratitude as we remained safe on the surf coast. One particular dawn walk at Point Addis struck me with its aching beauty and the trees in shadow, a crisp black against the morning glow…. Heartbroken for the devastating loss, everyone on the front line, the communities, the wildlife, the flora and every inch of country affected by the fires …

The merging of my memories of experience in the landscapes and the feelings that arose during the process of painting enhanced an even more intimate and intense connection to the environment and time.

From the luxury of hindsight; I often idealize memories of times had immersed in nature, and yet when I really connect to the moments surrounding the beautiful memory there is often drama, pain, discomfort, imperfection. Hindsight feels beautiful, and yet these memories have sat with me through reflection on the feelings during this summer, yet looking back at how safe and beautiful life was, our beaches were; is just a veneer to the foundation of these moments; all caught in the ominous creep of Anthropocene.

Surrounded by time, memory, like a dream; transported back to sacred, ancient lands; fragile and precious, fleeting. Hindsight is a human and subjective measure of time; it haunts us and tempts us with places, experiences we can no longer visit.

This postcards from hindsight, captures my recent past, the dream like fate of life and how this connects us to the earth and sadly the inescapable impact in our short but destructive Anthropocene age.

Our earth is a fragile beauty on the verge of a dystopian relic, I juxtapose a hopeful romantic view of seemingly untouched idyllic lands; highlighting the threat of climate change on our fragile and precious environment in the age of Anthropocene.

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acrylic on canvas
23x30cm framed