Distant Dreaming

By Colleen Guiney

mixed media on board
63x63cm framed


"My approach is largely responsive to the flow and presence of nature and where I am. It reflects what surrounds me and the experiences I have. This connection and grounding are the most important things; I interpret a feeling and follow it – this is my process.

My paintings represent the physical act of painting and the inner calmness that occurs when I paint. In the making of my paintings, I express something that is felt rather than observed and I have developed a methodology through layers of texture, colour and intuitive marks and shapes that reference the natural landscape around me. Colour is the most important element of my work and getting it right is key to knowing when a painting is working, or when it is finished.

I play with aspects of abstraction and landscape and explore personal themes that reflect my world; the story follows as I search for loveliness and connection at a deeper level."