Friday Night

By Scott Duncan

earthenware, underglaze & glaze



Scott Duncan applies a broad approach to ceramics, making composite objects of real technical complexity. Handmade tools and selected glazes are used to achieve the collage-like effects as we shift from the rough feel of fruit box cardboard to the rich glosses of an Italian Bitossi or a Bendigo Pottery vessel. Multiple references from modernity and classicism fuse together through the firing process. Playful in construction and ambiguous in function, the work is an egalitarian and open-ended invitation to enjoy aesthetics high and low.


The artist grew up in Portland on the south-west coast of Victoria where the pathways offered for young men spanned football, farming or surfing. So he surfed and pursued study in visual arts. Following a career as a chef, he recommenced his art practice with a residency at Experimental Ceramics Studios in Glebe, Sydney.

It is here that he has connected with an audience interested in ambitious work in clay. With recent features in Art Collector and the Journal of Australian Ceramics, awareness of his practice has expanded in the lead up to his first solo exhibition with The Egg & Dart. Ceramics Studio and Professional Practice. Her theoretical research into contemporary ceramic practice is exceptional and timely.