Happy Valley

By Amber Stokie

acrylic & oil on canvas
145x125cm framed

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One of my early paintings, when everything surrounding me was new and unfamiliar. Happy Valley is also the name of an area south of Adelaide, I thought it was a great name for a place. The figures are exploring the landscape with a sense of excitement and wonderment. The trees are abundant with bright red fruits (surrounding hills here are ideal for growing things like apples and strawberries). Night-time scene because of the many lights around Adelaide, when we first arrived, I was amazed by how many lights were strung up in the streets in the city and also residential. Driving up into the hills looking at the glowing city below inspired me. Like most paintings a merging of various elements of the landscape with memory and emotion. Unfamiliar, shapes, colour, differences in landscape are exaggerated to create an imaginary landscape.


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