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Hot Cider

By Emma Lipscombe

oil on timber
22.5x24.5cm framed

"These paintings form part of my ongoing study of colour, pattern, space and scale.

Grouped and simplified shapes, repetition in pattern and simple forms all with varying colour exploration form the basis of my practice. Often harmonious outcomes though sometime not, it’s a never ending ritual I’m happy to endure."

Deeply immersed in design throughout her life via art, interiors, landscape, architecture and design, Lipscombe's works fuse the hard-edged tangible absolute with the painterly.

Her interest lies in the confluence of geometric shape and colour, and in the transformative ritual of simplifying, sampling, re-mixing and re-working them.

Utilising skills honed in her work as a Landscape Architect on projects as far afield as London, Thailand and Beirut, Lipscombe's works bring together a designer's eye for order and scale with the artist's rich understanding of colour and luminosity.