It’s Full of Tiny Gems

By Jarnah Montersino

acrylic, paper, thread & sand
37x31cm framed


Jarnah Montersino's latest body of work for 'Flow State' explores perceptions through materiality. She utilises domestic matter and techniques to build sculptural objects and paintings.

The vessel forms are inspired by structures found in ancient amphoras. A combination of post-consumer cardboard and layered plaster fabrication create deceptively light, durable and liminal objects. The paintings are developed using an iterative process exploring abstraction. Beginning with a pattern of mark-making, the works are cut, reorganised and sewn together in a quilt-like practice. Layers of paint and found sand are used to further build cohesion and layers across a seemingly disconnected work. Figurative forms are set in reclaimed frames reflecting on constructed and multifaceted perceptions of self and identity.