By Csongvay Blackwood

The Juno pieces present a striking form, accentuating straight lines and the curve, and are shaped on an angle, with two small openings that can be used for floral arrangements. The Juno can be used as a dry vase or as a sculptural piece.

Juno : 26cm H x 14cm W x 7cm D


Csongvay Blackwood is the combined creative expression of Csilla Csongvay and Matt Blackwood. Their artworks balance form with function to create pieces that reference the Brutalist architecture of Csilla’s childhood in Romania and Matt’s love of Mid-Century Modern.

Their design process is based on the interplay of void and fill, movement from stillness, lightness from weight, and the tensions that exist between the curve and straight, and these elements combine to form the creative foundation of Csongvay Blackwood. All artworks are designed and made in their Melbourne studio