Lost in Translation

By Jahkarli Romanis

"Encompassed within (Dis)connected to Country is a video consisting of 3D scans taken of a hand knife made of rock, which I found in a dried-up river bed on Country. The knife fits perfectly in your hand with a small notch to rest your index finger on. Indentations can be seen where the knife has been hit to try and keep it sharp. It has distinct details from the way it has been used, yet these are not seen in the scans. “Lost In Translation” is a comment on the way we use technology to represent, analyse and gather information. It highlights the failure of technology in accurately representing something true to its real form and explores the intersection of old and new technologies. I have employed 3D scanning technology to better comprehend an object taken out of its context into a contemporary world, whilst understanding that this technology will never give me the information I need to perceive the significance of this tool and the way it was once utilised by my people."

(selection of stills pictured)
6 min 35 sec