Magda 2

By Rachel Hine

For Craft Cubed 2019, I have been immersed in the weaving practice of tapestry artists of the past.

These tapestries pay homage to iconic weavers, some of my hero artists. Just imagine if we could wear garments that reflect the expertise of our artistic idols? Just like wearing a t-shirt of our favorite band.

In that spirit, I have tried to weave tiny outfits and settings that reflect the techniques that were used by the artists in their practice.

Artists such as Sheila Hicks, Magdalena Abakanowiz, Ritzi Jacobi, Gunta Stolz are investigated, as well as some contemporary weavers, and ancient weavers too.

The action of replicating woven textured textiles into a tapestry surface is an informing and meta thing to do. While undertaking some new techniques (for me), I have gained a deeper understanding of tapestry as an artform.


woven tapestry
9.5x19cm unframed