• Medium Landscape Vase (f)
  • Medium Landscape Vase (f)

Medium Landscape Vase (f)

By Tara Shackell

Hand thrown and turned stoneware vase, made from a range of blended stoneware clays, layered with slips ranging from black, browns and white. Inside is glazed in olive gloss.

Approx size: 13x7.5x7.5cm

*Each pot is unique, with surface and form variations.

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Tara Shackell is a ceramicist based in Melbourne, Australia. Thrown on the wheel or hand-built, Tara’s stoneware and porcelain pieces explore the relationship between form and surface, and the subtle interactions which can occur between the clays and glazes.

Her current work focuses on creating simple, functional objects that express materiality, quietness and space. Tara is interested in the relationship of objects to one another, the spaces between things and the way that this affects the way we see the objects both as a group and individually.